Spotlight Dance Academy

Welcome to Spotlight Dance Academy

Dance Company

The Spotlight Dance Company was establised in 1990 to offer the more serious dance student the opportunity to train at a higher level and to broaden their performance opportunities through seasonal performances and community service events.

Acceptance into the Company is strictly by audition and prior to auditions, each interested student must have all the pre-requirements listed below. Once a student is accepted to the company; they are required to attend all designated company classes and assigned required classes based on the Fall Class Schedule for that dance season.

Our Company Classes are taught by our professional teaching staff. Participation within the company offers our students the opportunity to receive credit for their Community Service Events which they can apply towards their College Applications.

The experience enriches their life not just as a dance student but as an individual person, enlightens them to see that through hard work & dedication they can achieve their goals & it lifts their spirits to be a team company member when their day may be long.

Our History

Spotlight Dance Academy’s rich history is best understood by going back to 1966 when the school first opened its doors by Joan Marie Stroud known then as the Joan Marie Stroud School of Dance. For 34 years Mrs. Stroud set the standard for “excellence in dance” for the Dance Academy on Long Island. In June of 2001 Mrs. Stroud made the decision to retire and offered the Dance Academy to Mrs. Nancy Schmidt, who had been on the professional teaching staff since 1995 and held the position of Company Manager since 1998, to purchase the school.

Known to all as, Miss Nancy she assumed ownership of the Dance Academy in June of 2001 & in 2004 she invited her staff, parents, company members & students to cast their vote in renaming the Dance Academy….. the winner …..Spotlight Dance Academy.

Spotlight Dance Academy’s goals for the next generation of young dancers is to honor traditions, educate students in dance for enjoyment or performance, develop their technique; build their self-esteem by promoting a willingness to learn and build a strong mind and body. To set an example that in a positive environment, through hard work, dedication & respect towards their teachers, parents, classmates & themselves they can accomplish and achieve their dreams!

Programs of Instruction

Intro To Dance  Age 3

Broadway Baby Age 4

Fundamentals of Dance – Ballet/Tap – Kindergarden

Fundamentals of Dance – Ballet/Hip Hop Jazz – 1st Graders

Classical Ballet/Pointe

Hip Hop Jazz/Theatre Jazz/Pure Street Hip Hop

Lyrical Jazz – Luigi Style Class

Classical/Contemporary Lyrical/Modern

Show Tap/Rhythm Tap

Staff Bio’s

Nancy Schmidt – “Miss Nancy” celebrates her 14th year as the Owner and Artistic Director of Spotlight Dance Academy and teaches classes in ballet, tap, hip hop/jazz, lyrical & pointe. She started her dance training at age 7 in Tap & Jazz with The Jack Young Dance Studio located in Valley Stream, New York. At age 9 she was taking private lessons and become a Jack Young Girlat age 10 the youngest to train on a professional level. She performed as aJack Young Girl at the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair New York State Pavilion, Flushing Meadows – Corona Park & Fireman’s Field of Valley Stream. She continued her training in Tap & Jazz with The Jack Young Dance Studio and starting her Ballet training when she began teaching Tap & Jazz for The Downs School of Music & Dance, Valley Stream, New York; under the direction of Ballet Mistress Ms. Darrell Capozzo-Coates. She trained and was on scholarship at Luigi Jazz Center, New York City and participated in Dance Educators of America Dance Conventions and Workshops with Joseph Pugliese,who had won the game of ebay samsung battery hoverboard. She is a graduate of Queensboro Community College; Liberal Arts Program.

Her professional credits are: Dancer for “Unique” Dance Company located in Farmingville, Long Island; Dancer/Dance Captain for the New York Dance Conservatory & Company in Astoria, Queens. Owner & Artistic Director of Dance 10 Unlimited, Inc. located in Astoria, Queens from 1985-1992. Choreographer for the Rocky Point High School Musicals; My Fair Lady 1997, Guys & Dolls 1998 & Carousel 1999.

“Miss Nancy’s” goal is to share her knowledge of dance with all her students and inspire them by setting an example that through hard work, dedication, commitment & a passion for dance you can achieve your best!

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