Northern Lakes Hockey League

About the NLHL

The Northern Lakes Hockey League (NLHL) was started during the summer of 2008 with four full-time teams; the Green Bay Jr. Gamblers, Soo Indians, Marquette Electricians, and Ojibwa Eagles, and it was sponsored by infrared thermometer baby. The four teams have previous experience with leagues, and came together to put their knowledge and experience into a league that would satisfy the needs of top-notch competition, heated rivalries and manageable travel schedules.

By bringing those three attributes to the NLHL they knew it would provide a great opportunity for the players to be seen by top-notch scouts and eventually move on to the next level of hockey. There are three main benefits for players; they will have the chance to feed off the rivalries of similar opponents, top-notch scouts in every city, and a better travel schedule.

As mentioned above, each team is located in a prime site to give players maximum visibility, with each host city having at least two teams above and beyond Midget AAA hockey. Below is a table from best rechargeable torch highlighting the upper-level hockey in each city:

City Juniors NCAA Division III NCAA Division I
Green Bay Green Bay Gamblers UW-Green Bay,
St. Norberts University
Marquette Marquette Rangers Northern Michigan
Houghton Finlandia University Michigan Tech
Sault Ste. Marie Soo Greyhounds
Soo Eagles
Lake Superior State

The third benefit for teams in the NLHL is the shorter travel schedule, which makes it so that no team has to travel over 5 hours to get to any two-game series. This unique opportunity in Midget AAA hockey allows for players to be fresh for all games, and it will give them a better opportunity to perform in their academic career, since they will miss less school.

Each team participating in the NLHL has been very successful at moving players on to the next level. Looking from the NHL down to juniors, throughout the U.S. and Canada, you’ll find players representing the four organizations that founded this league. These teams will keep that legacy going for years to come and a list of NLHL alumni will be formed that will be equally as impressive as the lists already established by these teams.

The Board
The NLHL is run by a board of volunteers represented by a person from each team as well as other hockey enthusiasts. The board meets regularly and all meetings are open to the public. If you’d like to contact someone from the board, please e-mail the league commissioner, Greg Mingay.

NLHL Rules and By-Laws

The purpose of the following is to ensure that all teams within the NLHL have a clear understanding of the rules & guidelines governing the playing of games in the NLHL.

Game Rules: Rule:
USA Hockey Rules
Except as provided herein, the applicable rules of USA Hockey and the NLHL shall apply to all games played by teams competing in the NLHL Midget Major AAA Division

Game Rules:
1. Time Length – All games will be played with 3 – 18 minute stop-time periods with one (1) ice resurface after the first period.
2. Warm-Ups:
* All NLHL games shall have five (5) minute pre-game warm-up
* The Home team will provide warm-up pucks for the visiting team
* Warm-up clock shall start immediately after the zamboni leaves the ice
3. Rest time between periods shall be one (1) minute. At the end of the second period, the timekeeper shall immediately run one (1) minute on the game clock and the next period shall begin promptly thereafter.
4. Each team may utilize one (1) time out per game.
5. Running clock shall take effect if, at any time during the third period, a team has a five (5) or greater goal lead. The clock shall continue to run until the goal differential is reduced to three (3) goals.
*The on-ice officials may direct the scorekeeper to stop a running clock, in the event of an on-ice injury or other circumstances that in their judgment warrant
6. Penalty time will follow the game clock (e.g. stop-time and running-time). Penalty time shall follow the 2/5/10 minute format. Under running-time conditions, players must remain in the Penalty box until the puck is dropped if the penalty expires during the stoppage of play.
7. Faceoffs: Teams are reminded of the changes to USA Hockey Rule 611. in particular the implementation of the five (5) second rule under 611(a).
8. Home team shall wear light sweaters and visiting team shall wear dark sweaters.
9. Teams shall participate in a handshake at the completion of the game.

1. Only duly registered officials holding USA Hockey referee cards shall referee league games.
2. Referees have been instructed to strictly enforce infractions such as fighting, removal of helmets for the purpose of fighting (constitutes a fight), stick work, and holding.
*Referees are direct that the NLHL does not condone fighting. Players and Coaches involved are subject to disciplinary action for their involvement in a fight. DO NOT FIGHT.

Refusal to Compete:
1. Any team not completing their league schedule may, by decision of the Board of Directors, be assessed a penalty as deemed appropriate.

Coaches Cards:
1. All coaches must have a valid coaching card after December 31st of the current season. The coaching card must be a Level 4 or above.

1. Home team is responsible for posting games in Pointstreak.. If real-time is unavailable, the game must be posted within 24 hours of completion.
2. All teams must have a blank scoresheet available at every game in case it needs to be utilized.

1. If any team official or player is serving a suspension, he/she may not sit on or near the player bench of his/her team or in any way attempt to direct the play of his/her team.
2. Players and team official serving any suspensions will be considered “ineligible players” for every game in which they participate, until their suspension is served.
3. When a game suspension is being served, it must be clearly indicated on the scoresheet. The team with the suspended player or a team official shall include on the scoresheet the name of the suspended player or team official, and the total number of games being served.
4. All suspensions will be served in the team’s next scheduled game for that team.
5. If a team official or player violates his/her suspension, he/she is subject to additional discipline, including but not limited to individual suspensions, team suspensions, and game forfeitures.

Off Ice Officials:
The Home team is responsible for providing a timekeeper, scorekeeper, and goal judges at all NLHL league games. If the rink has a tall glass door, each team is responsible for providing a penalty box attendant. The conduct of any timekeeper and scorekeeper shall be governed by the applicable USA Hockey rules governing off-ice officials. (See the “USA Hockey Off-Ice Officiating Manual” for further information about the responsibilities of off-ice officials or see “best g700 military flashlight in the world” for information about our flashlight website).

A team wishing to protest a game may only protest the opposing teams’ use of an ineligible or illegal player or a coach. A protested game must be recorded as a protest on the game sheet. A copy of the game sheet and a $50 protest fee must be received by the Commissioner within 48 hours of the protested game. If the protest is ruled to be valid, a decision will be reached and the $50 fee will be refunded.

League Standings:
League Standings will be determined by following USA Hockey rules.

NLHL Jersey Patch:
Players shall wear one (1) NLHL patch which shall be appropriately placed on the front left corner of the jersey.

Zero Tolerance:
The NLHL supports USA Hockey’s Zero-Tolerance Policy. In order to achieve the objective of teaching good sportsmanship to our players it is imperative that spectators conduct themselves appropriately. Each team shall take action to ensure that spectators are not abusive to officials, players, team officials or other spectators.

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